FOIA Friday: USSR Media Report Multitude of UFO Sightings (Russia 1989)

FOIA Friday: USSR Media Report Multitude of UFO Sightings (Russia 1989)

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Howdy folks! Put a nice spit shine on your tin foil hats it’s time for another FOIA Friday. Today we have a whopper of a document that contains many details of a series of UFO events that unfolded in Russia in the late 80s which triggered the U.S.S.R. to set up a “permanent center” for the investigation of UFOs. The doc contains quite a few events, but here’s a couple of tidbits just to whet your appetite:


In 1988 a UFO crashed into Hill 611 near the village of Dalnegorsk leaving behind a fair amount of debris in the form of a fine mesh, spherical objects, and pieces of glass which, at the time of the document, were still being studied by the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences. According to Doctor of Chemical Sciences V. Vyostskiy the fine mesh was 17 microns thin, made up of yet thinner threads which were intertwined with impossibly thin gold wires. He stated, “Without a doubt, this is evidence of a high technology, and it is not anything of a natural or terrestrial origin.”

In 1989 Engineer Yuriy Ponomarenko and several workers witnessed a large disk shaped object sitting on the ground and emitting beams of light. They observed it for 20 minutes before it flew off without making a sound. Anatoliy Listratov, chairman of the section of the All-Union Astronomical and Geodesic Society, says that sites he’d studied where UFOs had been seen to land and leave depressions on the ground that within them “the operating frequency of a crystal-controlled oscillator changes. Simply speaking, electronic timepieces run at rates that are either too fast or too slow.”

Check out the entire document below. It’s well-worth the read!

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