6 Images of the 1971 USS Trepang UFO Sighting

6 Images of the 1971 USS Trepang UFO Sighting

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Reddit user SquizCat has complied this collection of images from the 1971 USS Trepang Arctic expedition UFO siting that we reported on here. These pictures are much larger and in color; scanned from the pages of the French paranormal magazine Top Secret.


To this UFO nut’s eye these images, though better, are no less mysterious. I cannot tell if what we are looking at is actually a large cigar shaped UFO and other smaller craft or something more mundane. At times the cigar shaped UFO strikes me as nothing more than a sort of blimp, perhaps used for target practice or some other military exercise (although we see no ordinance being fired.) The images where the craft is smoking remind me of the Hindenburg disaster photos, however, I would expect to see fire, not just smoke, even if that blimp was not using hydrogen like the Hindenburg blimp. While the gas being used (helium?) might not burn as violently as the hydrogen used by the Hindenburg, surely the material the blimp is made out of would would burn more so than we see in these images.

Below are the images with the French text within them translated by Reddit user hillside

1 - gnJLR1U

We begin this series of photos with the one that is surely the most impressive. It seems to have undergone a different treatment (?) than that of the next three photos. Is it a “cigar” that has been hit by a missile and is exploding at the surface of the water or a UFO that is coming out of the water and ready to fly? Note that no inscription appears on the original document in our possession.

2 - AfeDf4P

Here are the photos that came with the letter. We present them in an arbitrary order that seemed logical, however it is maybe not the most sensible since we don’t know if it the craft is flying, going out of or going into the water…It is worth mentioning that one can read in transparency on three of the photos in our possession, copies of the originals that apparently came from an American military laboratory: On the left on top: OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH. NOT TO BE REALEASED. CT On the right at the bottom and hardly legible, a part of it having been erased because of time: Unauthorized Disclosure Subject. Security Certificat. SSN 674. Criminal Sanction. High definition photos are available on our CDR.

3 - tNN2B1b

(Top) On this photo, we identify without a doubt a triangular-shaped UFO. It seems to be in trouble. (Bottom) If the order that we have chosen for these pictures is correct, the UFO here seems to now go sideways before plunging into the ocean…

4 - po5MbrY

The next five photos show an egg-shaped object of large dimension that falls into the ocean. These pictures seem to come from another laboratory, SYGMA, about which we know nothing. Do these photos present a single and same event or are we dealing with two different events?

5 - WxgnQp9

(Top) The craft, which looks a lot like the one in the first picture, seems to be in trouble. Is it on fire? Does it come from the depths of the ocean or is it headed there? Despite the fact that its form perfectly resembles the typical “cigar” shape of UFOs, it is still impossible to distinguish more details of its structure. (Bottom) According to the letter from our “anonymous contact”, the submarine was equipped with an analog camera, thus explaining the image overlay (or double exposure?) of the visible graduations (I’m assuming they’re talking about the double crosshairs.)

6 - oOsxMYy

Too beautiful to be real, this “cigar” photo? We don’t know, it might be the “banana peel” that would be used to discredit the other pictures of the dossier…Who was our anonymous informer? A reader of the magazine or a source wanting to share their secret? In any event, if we haven’t been able to find these photos on the internet, maybe a reader will give us some information that has evaded us…