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UFO Disclosure News
UFO & Alien Disclosure News

UFO & Alien Disclosure News

UFO & Alien Disclosure News

Edward Snowden Tells Joe Rogan He Looked for but Did Not Find Evidence of Aliens

On the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast notorious government whistleblower Edward Snowden talks briefly about searching for info related to ...
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UFO & Alien Disclosure News

TTSA Announces Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command

To the Stars Academy has just announced a CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) with the United States Army Combat Capabilities Development Command. ...
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Tucker Carlson Luis Elizondo Interview
UFO & Alien Disclosure News UFOs & Science

Tucker Carlson Interviews Louis Elizondo on Physical UFO Evidence

Tucker Carlson interviews Louis Elizondo about physical evidence of UFOs that is currently under scientific analytic scrutiny to determine its makeup.   At ...
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Joe Rogan and David Fravor
UFO & Alien Disclosure News UFOs

Joe Rogan Interview with Cmdr. David Fravor

Joe Rogan interviews Navy pilot Cmdr. David Fravor about his 2004 encounter with the “Tic-Tac UFO”. They also discuss the “Go Fast UFO” ...
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UFO & Alien Disclosure News

Secureteam10 YouTube Channel Entirely Demonetized

UPDATE 5/25/2019: Secureteam10’s monetization has been restored. From their official Twitter feed: Monetization has been fully restored, and I’m just speechless.. This goes ...
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UFO News and Sightings
UFO & Alien Disclosure News Uncategorized

UFO Reported off Coast of Ireland by THREE Airline Crews

Faith and begorrah! Three airline crews have reported seeing a UFO in the skies off the coast of Ireland on November 9, 2018. ...
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Top Secret File Folder
FOIA Friday UFO & Alien Disclosure News

FOIA Friday: Reported Photography of Unidentified Flying Objects

Greetings folks! Welcome to another thrilling installment of FOIA Friday. Today we have an interesting 1958 memo which reports of a civilian who ...
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Travis Walton CNN Larry King
Aliens & EBE Contact UFO & Alien Disclosure News

Body Language Analysis of Larry King Interview with Travis Walton

Body language expert analysis an interview of Travis Walton by Larry King on CNN. As you are probably already aware, Travis Walton was ...
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UFO & Alien Disclosure News

Summary of Luis Elizondo interview with George Knapp from February 25, 2018

George Knapp interviewed Luis Elizondo on Coast to Coast AM Sunday February the 25, 2018. The full audio can be listened to on ...
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