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Scientists Theorize That Space Aliens May Already be Here, but We Don’t Recognize Them – San Francisco Chronicle

Aliens & EBE Contact UFOs & Science
From the San Francisco Chronicle… Stargazing scientists have recently begun to focus on the prospect of encountering intelligent extraterrestrials, and the more they think about it the more ...
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Edward Snowden Tells Joe Rogan He Looked for but Did Not Find Evidence of Aliens

UFO & Alien Disclosure News
On the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast notorious government whistleblower Edward Snowden talks briefly about searching for info related to UFOs and aliens while snooping ...
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Trillions of Alien Probes May be in Space but are too Small to be Seen

Andromeda Galaxy
UFOs & Science
In a recent scientific game of “Let’s Just Make Up Some Shit to Talk About” a scientist has declared that space may be littered with trillions of alien ...
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TTSA Announces Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command

UFO & Alien Disclosure News
To the Stars Academy has just announced a CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) with the United States Army Combat Capabilities Development Command. You read that correctly. A ...
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Reddit User Gives Good Answer to “Why Roswell, White Sands, and Other ‘UFO Crashes’ Make Little Sense”

UFO News and Sightings
Reddit user Aleexr made a very good point about why it seems highly unlikely that any UFO – if it were advanced tech from an advanced civilization – ...
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Tucker Carlson Interviews Louis Elizondo on Physical UFO Evidence

Tucker Carlson Luis Elizondo Interview
UFO & Alien Disclosure News UFOs & Science
Tucker Carlson interviews Louis Elizondo about physical evidence of UFOs that is currently under scientific analytic scrutiny to determine its makeup.   At around 1:10 in this interview ...
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FOIA Friday: Consultants for Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects (1953)

Top Secret File Folder
FOIA Friday
Welcome fellow UFO nuts for a shiny new edition of FOIA Friday! In this thrilling episode we have a short memo from 1953 to the Director of Central ...
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Joe Rogan Interview with Cmdr. David Fravor

Joe Rogan and David Fravor
UFO & Alien Disclosure News UFOs
Joe Rogan interviews Navy pilot Cmdr. David Fravor about his 2004 encounter with the “Tic-Tac UFO”. They also discuss the “Go Fast UFO” and the “Gimble UFO”. This ...
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Paper: Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles

UFOs & Science
Abstract Several Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) encountered by military, commercial, and civilian aircraft have been reported to be structured craft that exhibit `impossible’ flight characteristics. We consider a ...
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A Brief History of Section 51 2.0 by UFO Theater

Brought to you by UFO Theater, here’s a brief history of the YouTube hoax channel Section 51: ...
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