FOIA Friday: Reported Sighting of Unusual Aircraft in USSR (1955)

FOIA Friday: Reported Sighting of Unusual Aircraft in USSR (1955)

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Put a spit shine on your tin foil hats kids because it’s time for another episode of FOIA Friday!


Today we have a very interesting mention in a CIA document of a sighting of unusual aircraft that happened October 4, 1955 in the USSR. According to the document, three “reliable US observers” witnessed two flying saucers while on a train between Atjaty and Adzhijabul. To say the witnesses were reliable is an understatement as they were Senator Richard Russell and Lt. Col. E. U. Hathaway, Army.

The two observed craft “were seen taking off almost vertically one minute apart” with an outer surface that revolved slowly to the right. Both craft ascended to around 6,000 feet. Upon seeing the two craft, Soviet train men “became excited and lowered curtains and refused permission to look out windows.”

What were these two disc shaped craft? Were they experimental USSR aircraft or recovered UFOs?

Another interesting tidbit related to this is that there is another report from the same day wherein several people on a train witnessed a triangle shaped craft. And, as in this case, a steward of the train pulled down the blinds so the object could no longer be viewed.


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