FOIA Friday: Flying Saucers in East Germany (1952)

FOIA Friday: Flying Saucers in East Germany (1952)

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Welcome to another thrilling episode of FOIA Friday! Today we have a highly compelling 1952 report of a landed craft spotted in Germany. Totally unrelated to that or UFOs, however, is a brief personal tale… I took two years of German in college and did quite well. At the end of one exam was a bonus question that simply said to write a sentence about anything in German. I wrote “Heute tragge ich meine Gummi Underhosen” which translates to “Today I’m wearing my rubber underpants.” I got the extra points AND a big “Ha Ha” from my professor! Many, many years later I told my nephew about this whom, at the time, was taking German in High School. He wrote this on a test and also got extra points and a big “Ha Ha” from his teacher!


Anyway, back to FOIA Friday… The doc contains sworn testimony of an eyewitness who reported that while he was returning home with his wife saw two men in silver suits stooping over “a large object whose diameter I estimated to be between 13 and 15 meters. It looked like a huge frying pan.” The object had two rows of holes around its periphery and a black conical tower about 3 meters high on top.

From there things start getting a bit strange…

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