new mexico

new mexico

Major Jesse Marcel in His Own Words

UFO & Alien Disclosure News UFOs
One of the first military men to get their hands on the Roswell, New Mexico crash debris… ...
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Original 1947 Roswell UFO Radio News Report

Roswell UFO Radio News Report 1947
This just in! And don’t forget about the 2015 Roswell UFO Festival! ...
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2015 Roswell, New Mexico UFO Festival

UFO & Alien Disclosure News
NOTE: If you’re attending this event please sign up as a UFMOG! contributor and tell us all about it! It’s that time again. Time for the Roswell, New ...
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The Roswell Slides Revealed! And…Meh.

Roswell Alien Slide
Aliens & EBE Contact UFO & Alien Disclosure News
In a hype-driven sensational to-do that would compel P.T. Barnum to shed a proud tear, the new “smoking gun” Roswell slides allegedly showing an alien body recovered from ...
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