2015 Roswell, New Mexico UFO Festival

2015 Roswell, New Mexico UFO Festival

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It’s that time again. Time for the Roswell, New Mexico UFO Festival. The festive event where UFO enthusiasts of all genders, races, ages, galactic affiliations, and dimensional persuasions are welcome will be held July 2 – 5. There’s plenty planned to keep your various brain lobes entertained including guest speakers, live entertainment, costume contests, and more. For a more detailed breakdown of who and what will be there just keep reading once you reach the end of this sentence:


  • Alien Chase 5K/10K Walk/Run (Please no using wormholes to cheat!)
  • Alien Pet Contest
  • Alien Costume Contest (Aliens, feel free to dress up as humans!)
  • Carnival
  • Light Parade (Finally a parade with fewer calories!)
  • Misc. Free Family Activities


  • Thomas Carey
  • Stanton Friedman
  • Patty Greer
  • Larry Holcombe
  • Ken Hudnall
  • Frank Kimbler
  • Sharon King
  • Tom Kirkbride
  • Jesse Marcel III
  • Denice Marcel
  • Kathleen Marden
  • Thomas Reed
  • Ron Regehr
  • Peter Robbins
  • Alejandro Rojas
  • Aaron Sager
  • Don Schmitt
  • Derrel Sims
  • Yvonne Smith
  • Travis Walton

For all juicy details why not visit the Official UFO Festival website?

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