Chilean Navy Release Amazing UFO Video and Analysis

Chilean Navy Release Amazing UFO Video and Analysis

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The Chilean Navy has released an incredibly compelling video of a UFO captured on HD and infrared video displaying rather odd behavior. The video was captured by two experienced Navy officers during a routine daytime patrol along the coast of Santiago. They spotted the UFO at roughly 4,500 feet, the same altitude as the helicopter. The two pilots observed the UFO with their own eyes and trained their Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera on it, capturing it in great detail.


Not only was the UFO not picked up by ground radar or radar within the helicopter, at two instances the UFO emits a long plume behind it. The video is embedded below, but why highly suggest you head on over to The Huffington Post to read the FULL ARTICLE HERE written by Leslie Kean.

A clip showing the first emission of material from the UFO:

The second emission:

The full length 10 minute video:

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