Search for Alien Life Near Anomalous Star Begins

Search for Alien Life Near Anomalous Star Begins

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SETI Radio Telescopes

Image: SETI Institute


Roughly a week after the announced discovery of an anomalous star dubbed KIC 8462852 by the NASA Kepler Space Telescope, SETI is ready to direct focus on the star to search for signs of alien life. The star, whose light dims in an unusual and never before seen way, is thought to have many individual things orbiting it, which may very well be alien megastructures. The leading non-ET hypothesis is that the star may have trapped a swarm of comets around itself itself during some sort of epic stellar event, such as another star passing too close and dragging comets along with it.

SETI will be harnessing the power of it’s Allen Telescope Array to analyze the star for potential alien signals. They urge, however, that this is not the first time we have spotted something bewildering in the universe that we thought might be alien activity only to discover it to have a much more prosaic, if not rare and unknown at the time, explanation: pulsars. “So history suggests we’re going to find an explanation for this that doesn’t involve Klingons, if you will,” says Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at SETI.

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