UFO Captured During Episode of ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap”

UFO Captured During Episode of ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap”

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Image: Copyright ABC / Celebrity Wife Swap


An interesting report come into MUFON today which referenced a UFO captured on video and broadcast nationwide on the hit ABC show Celebrity Wife Swap last night. According to the report:

…they showed a shot of Los Angeles at night. I saw what looked to be an airplane in the night sky going from right to left, then it shot out something that streaked out behind it, going to the right.

I immediately went to the ABC website, logged in with my Direct TV credentials, and watched the episode. My first impressions were: holy cow Corey Feldman is a weird dude. But that’s beside the point. I kept a close eye out for the alleged UFO which the report had mentioned would be seen “right before they showed the Improv with Tommy Davidson.”

Here is a link to the episode:


You can watch this immediately if you log in with your cable provider’s user info, otherwise you will have to wait a week after the original air date. The incident happens fairly late in the episode shortly after the 30 minute mark. In this screenshot I took of the moment when the UFO appears you can see the UFO just left of center and the projectile it shot zooming away on the right:


So what exactly is this thing? I have no idea. It is obvious that this short night shot of L.A. is sped up, so the UFO and it’s projectile are not traveling as fast as they appear. Is it an alien craft? A top secret, black budget technological device? Or mere coincidence such as a plane in the background and a reflective insect in the foreground? If anyone knows tell us about it!

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