Warp Drive Possible in Next 100 Years Scientist Claims

Warp Drive Possible in Next 100 Years Scientist Claims

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According to Professor Geraint Lewis from the University of Sydney, in the next 100 years we might be the UFOs populating some other world’s skies. Warp drive has long thought to be an impossible achievement, but it looks like that may not be the case and within the next 100 years we might even have it.


Without a warp drive we’d be pretty much dead in the water, cosmically speaking. There is simply no way for us to get anywhere very far with conventional propulsion systems. Our hopes of colonizing the universe dashed by the vast distances between us and the everything else. A warp drive would allow us to bypass these great distances by essentially bending space and time. Still, the necessary materials with “negative density” required to construct a warp drive have not yet been discovered.

In the mean time, we still have the developing EMdrive to tinker around with. It may not be a warp drive (as NASA official denied) but it could still get us to Alpha Centauri in just 100 years, a trip that with conventional propulsion would take tens of thousands of years. The EMdrive would even allow for weekend visits to the moon, as getting there would only take a mere 4 hours.

To read more about potential warp drive in the next 100 years, check this article out:


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