Trump Calls on Pentagon to Create a Military Space Force

President Trump Military Space Force
UFOs & Science
Welcome to the future, folks. President Trump just called on the Pentagon to create a Military Space Force. “What are we going to fight in space?” you might ...
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Luis Elizondo CNN Interview

UFO & Alien Disclosure News UFOs UFOs & Science
“I will tell you unequivocally that through the observations – scientific methodologies that were applied to look at this phenomena that these aircraft – we’ll call them aircraft, ...
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Great Interview with Author Leslie Kean on UFO Reality

Leslie Kean
UFO & Alien Disclosure News UFOs
Here is a really good interview with noted investigative journalist Leslie Kean on The Richie Allen Show regarding official reports of UFOs from credentialed and often high-level military ...
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5 Ridiculous Claims Used to Debunk UFO Sightings

UFO News and Sightings
Debunkers are a tenacious breed. While they assert that people who see UFOs are mentally diluted, visually impaired, or downright crazy they dream up some of the most ...
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