Trillions of Alien Probes May be in Space but are too Small to be Seen

Andromeda Galaxy
UFOs & Science
In a recent scientific game of “Let’s Just Make Up Some Shit to Talk About” a scientist has declared that space may be littered with trillions of alien ...
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Joe Rogan and Sir Roger Penrose Discuss Possibility of Alien Life

Joe Rogan & Roger Penrose Alien Life
Aliens & EBE Contact UFOs & Science
Joe Rogan and Sir Roger Penrose discuss the possibility of alien life in the past, present, and/or future. Check out the entire episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast ...
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Body Language Analysis of Larry King Interview with Travis Walton

Travis Walton CNN Larry King
Aliens & EBE Contact UFO & Alien Disclosure News
Body language expert analysis an interview of Travis Walton by Larry King on CNN. As you are probably already aware, Travis Walton was allegedly abducted by aliens in ...
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10 Unsettling Solutions to the Fermi Paradox

10 Solutions to the Fermi Paradox
UFOs & Science
If you are unfamiliar with the Fermi Paradox, then you are probably living a normal life like everyone else in the world instead of what us UFO weirdos ...
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FOIA Friday: ORD Interest in the UFO Case (1976)

Top Secret File Folder
FOIA Friday UFO & Alien Disclosure News
Put a spit thine on those tin foil hats kids it’s time for another riveting FOIA Friday! Here we have a short yet heavily redacted memo memo form ...
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Do Fast Radio Bursts Come from Alien Travel?

UFOs & Science
Popular Mechanics, the mechanics magazine for cool kids, reports that Harvard scientists, the egghead-iest of eggheads, theorize that Fast Radio Bursts may come from alien space travel. “WTF?!” ...
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The Director of “The Blair Witch Project” is Making an Alien Contact Movie and You Could be in It

Dan Myrick, director of the genre-defining found footage film The Blair Witch Project is working on a new movie entitled Skyman and you can not only help fund ...
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“Alien Syndrome” by Monkey Warhol

Monkey Warhol
It’s not often we here at UFOMG! headquarters get contacted by musicians asking us to help them propel their music into the bulk of human consciousness (or at ...
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Did Russian Prime Minister Medvedev Reveal a Bit of Truth About Alien Visitation?

Russian UFO Disclosure
UFO & Alien Disclosure News
In this video (~1 minute) Russian Prime Minister Medvedev is asked by a reporter, “Aliens visited Earth?” Medvedev goes on to discuss a report that is “provided by the ...
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Baby Bear on Mars!

Baby Bear on Mars
Mars UFOs
Image: NASA Baby Bear on Mars is a great title for a new Pixar movie. Also, apparently there is an actual baby bear on Mars, and by “actual” ...
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