“Alien Syndrome” by Monkey Warhol

“Alien Syndrome” by Monkey Warhol

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Monkey Warhol

It’s not often we here at UFOMG! headquarters get contacted by musicians asking us to help them propel their music into the bulk of human consciousness (or at least the small sliver of it we have some access to) but we did today, and we couldn’t be happier because it’s actually good stuff! So we are proud to unleash upon the unsuspecting masses Monkey Warhol, an electronic musician from Minneapolis, MN with his song Alien Syndrome which is described by the artist as…


a ‘fun/scary’ take on being abducted by aliens from both the kid’s and parent’s point of view. Inspired by those old episodes of ‘Sightings‘ where an alien is seen peering into a bedroom window.

Have a listen below!

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