6 Images of the 1971 USS Trepang UFO Sighting

USS Trepang UFO Photographs
Reddit user SquizCat has complied this collection of images from the 1971 USS Trepang Arctic expedition UFO siting that we reported on here. These pictures are much larger ...
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Amazing 1971 UFO Images Taken from U.S. Submarine

1971 Norway Submarine UFO
Image Credit: TheBlackVault.com Several fascinating images have surfaced in a French magazine called Top Secret. When Investigator / Researcher Alex Mistretta learned of this he contacted TheBlackVault.com where ...
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1971 NASA Apollo 15 Video Shows UFO Saucer Parked on the Moon

Apollo 15 Lunar UFO Saucer
Moon UFOs
Were alien beings out for an intergalactic picnic on the moon in 1971? YouTuber Paranormal Crucible has posted a video (below) discovered by Benny Levy which claims to ...
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