1971 NASA Apollo 15 Video Shows UFO Saucer Parked on the Moon

1971 NASA Apollo 15 Video Shows UFO Saucer Parked on the Moon

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Were alien beings out for an intergalactic picnic on the moon in 1971?

YouTuber Paranormal Crucible has posted a video (below) discovered by Benny Levy which claims to show a saucer shaped UFO parked on the moon during the 1971 Apollo 15 mission. The video taken by astronaut Jim Irwin during deployment of the Lunar Rover Vehicle does look pretty compelling. I mean, if that thing is not something manufactured by someone then I’m not sure what it could be. Possibly a natural formation, but quite an interesting shape for nature to choose.

In the colorized enhancement of the object it does not appear to actually be sitting on the moon, but hovering above the surface. A dark shadow is clearly seen below it.

This is by no means the first UFO, anomaly, oddity, or whatchamacallit doodad found on the moon. A Google search for “lunar anomalies” will give you enough results to waste an entire day having your mind blown. Naturally, though, there’s plenty of crackpot nonsense to muddy the waters, but a thorough dig will turn up many things that test your sanity.

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