New Photos of Isolated Brazilian Tribe Spark a Familiar Sounding Hypothetical Conversation

New Photos of Isolated Brazilian Tribe Spark a Familiar Sounding Hypothetical Conversation

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Photo by Ricardo Stuckert

Photograph by Ricardo Stuckert via National Geographic


National Geographic recently published new photos of an extremely isolated Brazilian tribe which you can read about here.

“That’s cool,” you’re probably thinking, “but what the heck does that have to do with UFOs?!” Well just calm down a minute and I’ll tell you! Sheesh. It got me thinking about a conversation I could easily imagine these tribesmen having long before our shiny helicopters came buzzing around…and the conversion might sound familiar. Let’s imagine two of these tribesmen, we’ll call them Bob and Joe, because that seems like very believable names for tribesmen, having the following conversation…

BOB: Hey, Joe.

JOE: What is it? I’m busy skinning this jungle rat.

BOB: Do you think there are more people out there?

JOE: People? You mean like us? Out there?! Of course not, don’t be silly. And, here, hold this primitive skinning tool for me.

BOB: Well how do you know?

JOE: Bob, I’ve lived in this jungle all my life. My father lived here all his life. His father before him and so on. Long story short, none of us have ever seen anyone other than us tribesmen, and do you know why?

BOB: Why?

JOE: Because there aren’t any, that’s why! We’re the only people on Earth! Cut this jungle rat tendon for me right here.

BOB: Sure.

JOE: Besides, even if there were other people on Earth where would they be? Across the Great Water? Well, good luck to them trying to get here. The Great Water is far too vast. They’d have to have pretty damn fast canoes to make that journey!

BOB: Yeah, I guess.

JOE: What’s more, if an advanced people like this had such powerful canoes why the hell would they they bother making such a long trip just to goof around with us primitive jungle folk? Ridiculous. Why, they’d be so advanced our meager and humble activities here would be meaningless! They’d have so many more important things to tend to and care about! Here, hold this jungle rat pelt for me.

BOB: I suppose you’re right. Sigh. Forever alone. Hey, what’s that big shiny thing flying up over the tree line?!

JOE: It’s a UFC! An Unidentified Flying Canoe!

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