FOIA Friday: 1955 Sighting of Unconventional Aircraft

FOIA Friday: 1955 Sighting of Unconventional Aircraft

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AT 16:30 on October 4, 1955 several people aboard a train witnessed an unconventional aircraft roughly the size of a jetliner. The craft was triangular with lights on each tip and as the witnesses watched “it was ejected from its launching site, making not less than three and not more than seven fast spirals in the air, after which it climbed extremely fast at about a 45 degree angle.” Also interesting is what the steward on the train did while the witnesses watched the craft ascend ever higher into the sky. According to one witness, “the steward came in and pulled down the blinds. When I began to protest, the steward pointed toward the rear of the car and shook his head…” The rest of this paragraph is blacked out.


To us here at UFOMG! the description of this UFO makes us wonder if this was perhaps a top secret U.S. military test. The description very much resembles descriptions of the alleged black project TR-3 Black Manta surveillance aircraft. Read / download the fully document below:


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