FOIA Friday: Object Discovered Floating Around MIR Station

FOIA Friday: Object Discovered Floating Around MIR Station

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This brief from 1991 reports of a phosphorescent UFO spotted and filmed floating around the MIR space station. The explanation is likely prosaic in nature given that cosmonaut Musa Manarov who filmed it said he saw it (whatever it was) come off the Soyuz craft which was docking with MIR at the time. Still, the report does take the event very seriously by stating that “there is nothing cheerful in the fact that an object of quite a considerable size is flying around the station, even if it is not part of the Soyuz cargo craft,” and later in the document, “the fact is quite interesting indeed and, perhaps, fairly alarming.”


Also worth mentioning is a humors aside regarding one of the MIR’s occupants: “Let us recall that Helen Sharman is the first woman on board the MIR station, something to make seamen envious.”

We found the video posted on YouTube with some delightfully godawful music added:

And here is the FOIA document:

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