FOIA Friday: 1989 USSR UFO Crash and Sightings

FOIA Friday: 1989 USSR UFO Crash and Sightings

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Here is an incredibly interesting document from the Foreign Broadcast Information Service Production Group regarding a series of UFO sightings in the late 1980’s USSR that were so profound that the Soviets set up a “permanent center for the study of UFOs” in Moscow.


The piece begins with the description of a UFO crash near the village of Dalnegorsk in which a sphere was seen to crash into nearby hills. Physicists and other scientists from the Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences were dispatched to investigate. Investigations at the time of this report were still underway. Recovered from the crash site were a “fine mesh, small spherical objects, and pieces of glass.” Additionally, many different minerals were found including “gold, silver, nickel, alpha-titanium, molybdenum, and compounds of beryllium.”

One skeptical physicist hypothesized that the sphere could have been “some kind of plasmoid formed by the interaction of geophysical force fields which captured the elements …on its trajectory toward disintegration on the hilltop.” Other’s in the research team rejected this explanation, in fact concluding that the craft was, instead, extraterrestrial.”

The report then goes on to detail several other sightings and events. Truly fascinating!

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