How to Fake a UFO Image

How to Fake a UFO Image

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A few months ago I performed an experiment on a whim wherein I, with no prior Adobe After Effects experience, created a fake UFO video. The experiment was meant to illustrate how easy it is for even a complete novice like myself to create at least a rudimentary hoax video. The resulting video was by no means something that would fool the average person, but it showed how quickly someone can learn the basics of inserting a UFO into background footage and having it move convincingly with the camera’s motions. The point of the piece was essentially: be careful, because with today’s technology it’s easy to be fooled.


Naturally, this also applies to still photographs, which web & graphic designer Barrie Reader illustrates very well below in this step-by-step “how-to” for hoaxing a UFO photograph:

  1. Add image of UFO (I used this one) to a generic photo
  2. Motion blur said UFO
  3. Lens blur the entire image as a whole
  4. Save at 60% to 75% JPG quality
  5. Re-open and do a tiny lens blur again
  6. Save at 50% to 60% JPG quality
  7. Check levels and curves so that no obvious pixel edges are in existence
  8. Save out at 50% to 60% JPG quality
  9. Run through an EXIF program to remove all of the EXIF data
  10. Open said image in a browser (as if others are looking at it) and zoom in and look about
  11. Repeat steps 3-6 if required.

And here is the result:


That pretty much looks just like every UFO photo you see these days, which is unfortunate, because now you know how many of them are faked.

If you need a UFO faked or, better yet, a kickass website designed, go check out Barrie’s website RIGHT HERE!

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