Exclusive UFOMG! Terrible Hoax Video

Exclusive UFOMG! Terrible Hoax Video

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I was curious to find out for myself how easy or difficult it might be to create a UFO hoax video using Adobe After Effects. Below is the result and below that more of the story:


Now, obviously that video isn’t going to fool anyone. Even the least astute UFO researcher would chuckle at it, but here’s the deal… I produced that in about 1 and a half hours with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE USING ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS. Most of that time didn’t even include actual work. It took forever just to download the Adobe After Effects CC free trial then I spent about 20 – 30 minutes trying to find a good tutorial on what, exactly, to do. Once that groundwork was laid, the actual production – from filming the sky outside my house, to cropping out a UFO stock photo, to implementing the various effects tools with my crappy, off-the-self Lenovo computer – took about 30 minutes.

The point of all this is to illustrate how easy it is to do this even for a complete novice like me. Imagine how kickass my hoax video might look if I had expert level skills with After Effects! Be careful out there. It’s easier and easier these days to be fooled! The waters of video and photographic research are certainly very muddy.

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