China Lands on Dark Side of Moon – Redditor Finds Amazing Alien Evidence in Image

Moon Surface Anomalies
Moon UFOs & Science
Astute Redditor u/fried_eggs_and_ham performed some serious analysis of an image taken by China’s moon lander, which was the first lander to ever land on the dark side of ...
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Peek-a-Boo Aliens! Earth’s Largest Telescope is About to be Fired Up

Credit: Xinhua
UFOs & Science
Scientists will be stepping up our galactic voyeurism game later this month by turning on the largest telescope ever to detect signals that may unlock age old secrets ...
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China’s Mysterious Floating City Debunked: Hoax

Floating City China
UFOs UFOs & Science
And, no, despite what everyone else has said, it is not the rare optical phenomenon known as fata morgana…it’s something much simpler, and unfortunately, too widespread: a video ...
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Monks Spot UFO Above Chinese Monastery

I’m not sure what amazes me more. The UFO or the fact that monks have security cameras. Anyway, these monks have security cameras and they caught a strange, ...
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