China Lands on Dark Side of Moon – Redditor Finds Amazing Alien Evidence in Image

Moon Surface Anomalies
Moon UFOs & Science
Astute Redditor u/fried_eggs_and_ham performed some serious analysis of an image taken by China’s moon lander, which was the first lander to ever land on the dark side of ...
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The 11 Most Interesting Mars Anomalies (Video)

Mars Anomaly
Mars UFOs & Science
Video and links below compiled by YouTube channel ET Investigations. Images copyright NASA. Original NASA sources: 1.… 2.… (at the right) 3.… (in the middle/right) 4. ...
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Shocking! Amazing Anomalies Found in New Pluto Images!

Pluto Anomalies
UFOs & Science
This is a game changer right here!! Busted NASA!! Okay…so we’re having a little fun with you. 😉 ...
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