Reddit User Gives Good Answer to “Why Roswell, White Sands, and Other ‘UFO Crashes’ Make Little Sense”

Reddit User Gives Good Answer to “Why Roswell, White Sands, and Other ‘UFO Crashes’ Make Little Sense”

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Reddit user Aleexr made a very good point about why it seems highly unlikely that any UFO – if it were advanced tech from an advanced civilization – would crash land on Earth. It’s a very valid opinion to have when you consider the distances UFOs must travel simply to get here. Surely, any tech capable of that endeavor wouldn’t simply crash land on Earth. Here’s the comment in full:


Why Roswell, White Sands, and Other ‘UFO Crashes’ Make Little Sense

I’m a believer in the UFO phenomenon, but I struggle to with the idea that UFOs have crash landed on the planet. Think about it – how would a higher intelligence or alien race that is capable of interstellar/ inter dimensional travel come all this way in super-advanced craft only to have them malfunction and crash whilst whizzing round earth? I think that the chances of that are so unbelievably low.

I also call bullshit on the idea of alien materials being left behind, too. A craft operating with such precision and flight capabilities of something like the Nimitz Tic Tacs would not accidentally leave trace behind.

Anyone had similar thoughts on this?

The response provided by user IndridColdwave is exactly right and what we all need to be reminded of: DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. No matter what you “think” UFOs are, you don’t know. No one does. That is why they are “unidentified”:

It is best not to make assumptions with this subject. Here are a few that you made in this post:

Assumption #1 – UFOs are being piloted by aliens capable of interstellar/interdimensional travel.

The reality: we only know that UFOs are physical objects that outmaneuver our fastest aircraft and enter our airspace with impunity. We don’t know who/what is piloting them or their place of origin.

Assumption #2 – Advanced vehicles such as UFOs cannot leave traces behind.

The reality: from the perspective of a gorilla, a 747 is a miraculous device. And yet it still malfunctions. It is an error to assume that, simply because we don’t understand a machine, it cannot malfunction.

Assumption #3 – The traces left behind by UFOs are “accidental”.

The reality: There is, once again, no reason to make assumptions about things we don’t know for certain. There exists the additional possibility that the crashes (if they did in fact occur) were intentional, perhaps meant to deceive or for another reason unknown to us.

I am of course not saying that the crashes definitely happened. That is also an assumption that we should not be making. It is best to maintain an attitude of impartiality.

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