FOIA Friday: Saucers Over Spain and French Africa (1952)

FOIA Friday: Saucers Over Spain and French Africa (1952)

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Behold, ye fellow star gazing UFO dudes and babes! ‘Tis yet another glorious installment of ye olde FOIA Friday! Huzzah! Tooteth thy horns with glee!


Anyway, this interesting CIA document from 1952 details several UFO sightings over Spain and French Africa. In one, four spheres at high altitude and traveling at great speeds are seen to change color and emit no sound. The document is well worth a full read, but here’s a summary breakdown of each one:

1) Color changing spheres at high altitude and traveling great speeds over the “Murcia-Valencia trajectory…no unusual sound was heard.”

2) Many residents in Andujar, Spain witness a flying saucer that made no sound and flew at great speed.

3) The master of a cargo ship in Gabon, French Equatorial Africa reports of a “mysterious object” that performed some rather interesting aerial acrobatics.

4) Two bakers clearly see a “plate shaped” object in the sky that moved with “unusual agility” and gave off a greenish smoke.

5) The foreman of a local company witnesses an “incandescent white mass in the sky above Oran.” Personnel at the company also saw the object with one employee describing it as a “saucer.”

6) People in two different areas of Oran – three women and three “trustworthy individuals” – spot saucer shaped and cigar shaped craft.

7) Two more flying saucers are spotted and reported. The document notes “This is the FIFTH [emphasis by me] time in a matter of weeks that this phenomenon has been noted in the Department of Oran.”

8) Reports cover the flap and send word of “saucers appearing everywhere in Oran Department during the past few days. This seems to be the saucers’ favorite area.”

9) An Oran (AGAIN!) resident and his wife spot an object that is “spindle shaped and tapered at both ends” while driving. The stop and watch it for about one and a half minutes.

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