Deep Web vs Dark Web

Deep Web vs Dark Web

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Random people often come up to me on the street and ask, “Rufus,” they ask, “how can I find UFO information on the deep web?” I respond by asking, “Do you mean the deep web or the dark web? They are two different things.” At this point their heads typically spin around a few times and they pass out. But it’s true, folks, the deep web and dark web are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS*! Each may be useful in finding top secret, illicit information on UFOs but…usually not. Here’s the difference between the two and how they may or may not be useful when digging for that golden nugget of hidden UFO truth.


The Deep Web

The deep web is just stuff that’s blocked from search engines. It is information that is, while possibly “secret”, mostly just private info or boring info that conveys no useful information about a website. It’s blocked from search bots, therefore can’t be found by search bots, so it doesn’t show up when you search Google…or Yahoo…or Bing…or whatever lesser version of Google you might use. This “deep” information actually accounts for MOST of the stuff “out there” on the internet, but it can’t be accessed. And you typically would not want to access it. The deep web consists of personal information hidden for privacy reasons, such as your personal banking info. It also consists of terribly boring stuff like the nuts and bolts code files that make websites function such as CSS, Javascript, Ajax, and any number of oddly named or acronym-laden development files that once opened look like alphabet soup that’s been attacked by numbers and random ASCII symbols. Yawn.

However, that’s not to say that secret UFO files don’t exist in the deep web. They most likely do, as a matter of fact. But since they are not “on” the Internet by virtue of being blocked, in order to access them you’d have to be a HACKER just like Gary McKinnon who famously hacked into NASA computers to find a few curious documents about off-world officers and an image of a UFO.

The Dark Web

The dark web is the heavily encrypted, but freely accessible, version of the Internet that you can explore by using encrypting, proxy-using browsers like the TOR browser. Here in the dark web you can have all sorts of disgusting and questionable fun such as buying illicit drugs, weapons, assassination services, etc. The dark web is like Costco for deviants.

I’ve been to the dark web and…found nothing. Well, I did find some UFO stuff, but nothing that I hadn’t already found on the plain ol’ regular web. People generally think the dark web is teeming with whistle blowing astronauts madly waving photos of themselves with aliens at NASA Christmas parties but you will find nothing of the sort.

To recap:

1) Want to maybe find some secret UFO stuff? Become a hacker and infiltrate the deep web.
2) Want to get creeped out and possibly arrested? Go hang out in the dark web.

*Insert dramatic music here.

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