Video of Two UFOs with Lights over Seattle, Washington – June 21, 2016

Video of Two UFOs with Lights over Seattle, Washington – June 21, 2016

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I encourage you to watch the entire 8 minute video, but you can also jump to ~4 minutes in at which point the UFOs are most visible and active. As is typical with consumer camcorders, the camera has trouble staying in focus on the distant objects. I initially suspected these may just be Mylar balloons, but something about their behavior seems more deliberate than balloons floating around.


The case is currently under investigation by MUFON. The witness testimony is as follows:

I was at work and two stationary bright points of lights in broad daylight caught my eye. I told a co worker to go grab my bag which I keep a camcorder in, while I kept any eye on the two objects. I don’t believe they were giving off their own light but rather reflecting the sunlight.

I turned on my camcorder and attempted to zoom in on the objects but it was difficult since they were so small and the camera had a hard time focusing in on them. I was eventually able to zoom in on one of them, focused long enough but still couldn’t tell what I was seeing. Not until I was able to view the footage in a larger screen. When I got home and was able to view the footage, the object appeared to be a highly reflective, “squared” (meaning sharp edges, not curved), capital “H”. It had two long squared pillars with a short bar in the middle…like a capital “H”.

I recorded them for sometime then they slowly went behind the building. I went to put my camcorder away only to see them again but further to the right. So either they came back almost to the point where I originally saw them or there were two more that I didn’t see when I saw the original two objects. Then those two eventually drifted behind the building as well.

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