FOIA Friday: 1990 Murmansk, Russia “Airship” Sighting

FOIA Friday: 1990 Murmansk, Russia “Airship” Sighting

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Welcome to another gripping episode of FOIA Friday! Today we have a very short memo from a sighting in Murmansk, Russia in 1990. The memo is so short, in fact, that I’m just going to post the entire text right here:


Murmansk, 2 Sep — An unusual event for inhabitants of the North occurred tonight, while residents of the polar city of Murmansk were watching the “Vremya” program. A large illuminated ball suddenly appeared above the city, slowly moving toward the Kola Peninsula from the sea. The TASS correspondent was told at the Air Defense Staff that the unidentified flying object resembles a large airship and is flying at an altitude of 25 km. The Air Defense soldiers are keeping it under observation.

“Keeping it under observation”?! I wonder what other info those observations produced. If I can dig anything up I’ll post it. See below for the PDF of the full document:

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