NASA Seeks Explorers for Future Space Missions

NASA Seeks Explorers for Future Space Missions

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NASA Astronaut

If you’ve been mulling a career change but haven’t been completely sure what exactly you’d like to do, consider this… Starting December 14th NASA will begin accepting applications for the job of ASTRONAUT! You read that correctly! If you didn’t read that correctly, odds are you’re not qualified anyway so go do something else. We here at UFOMG! are going to giggle like schoolgirls over the thought of becoming astronauts.


According to the official NASA website, applications will be accepted from December 14th through mid-February and they expect to announce candidates (ME!) in mid-2017. Interested parties will be able to apply at the following website which you really, really need to bookmark immediately:

NASA says they are looking for “candidates from a diverse pool of U.S. citizens with a wide variety of backgrounds.” Hopefully, this includes UFO nuts, like yours truly. Watch the video below and CLICK HERE to learn more from the official NASA website.

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