UFO Over Darwin, Australia Caught on Video

UFO Over Darwin, Australia Caught on Video

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An Australian man named Quentin Theron has captured footage of a mysterious “disc shaped” object slowly descending from the sky. There are many ideas as to what the UFO might be ranging from space junk, to a rocket, to a meteor, to iridium flares, but the object ultimately remains unidentified. 20 year veteran astronomer Geoff Carr is quoted by NT News as saying that, “It is unidentified, flying and an object, but I don’t think it is of alien origin.”


To our crack team of UFO researches here at UFOMG! (me) this does not appear to be an intelligently controlled craft but more like something burning up in the sky, perhaps from entering the atmosphere. I have a feeling the explanation for this is rather prosaic, although we might not be able to actually pin down what that explanation really is.

Read the full story at NT News HERE.

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