NASA Curiosity Rover Stumbles Upon Crashed “Star Destroyer”

NASA Curiosity Rover Stumbles Upon Crashed “Star Destroyer”

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Star Wars Death Star and Star Destroyer

That’s what new images from the plucky Martian droid appear to show. I guess. Below is the image in question that many UFO hunters claim is a crashed UFO resembling a Star Destroyer from the little known movie franchise Star Wars.


Image: Copyright NASA

While that does look quite a bit artificial to me, not like a natural geographic feature, I’m hard pressed to see the resemblance to a Star Wars Star Destroyer. But that is really beside the point. Of course no one is arguing that it actually is a crashed ship from the fictional world of Star Wars, but only using that as a frame of reference to describe the object.

Furthermore, it is interesting that there is only one image of this available. According to people who have the time to spend sifting through NASA images all day, the Curiosity Rover usually takes multiple images of an area, not just one, causing some to wonder if NASA doesn’t want this area further analysed.

My guess is that Curiosity fell victim to an old Jedi mind trick. “This is not the Mars anomaly you’re looking for. Move along. Move along.”

Featured Image: Lucasfilm / Absolute Film

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