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Secureteam10 YouTube Channel Entirely Demonetized

UFO & Alien Disclosure News
UPDATE 5/25/2019: Secureteam10’s monetization has been restored. From their official Twitter feed: Monetization has been fully restored, and I’m just speechless.. This goes to show once again, the ...
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Legendary UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman Has Died

Ufologist Stanton T. Friedman
UFOs & Science
The past few days were a roller coaster of speculation, doubt, and disbelief as the rumor of nuclear physicist and influential UFO researcher Stanton Friedman’s death surfaced without ...
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FOIA Friday: Guidance to UFO Photographers

Top Secret File Folder
FOIA Friday
Heads up UFO shutterbugs! In this brief doc for today’s FOIA Friday we have a memo to photographers on how to best capture UFO photographs for analysis. There’s ...
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Amazing Footage of UFO / UAP In UTAH Near Area 51

Updated: 1/13/2019 This video was captured by Sam Chortek and Jimmy Chappie and first published to YouTube by Brian Hanley. The amazing video shows a silver blur streak across ...
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FOIA Friday: NASA “Firewheel” Flying Saucers in Argentina

Top Secret File Folder
FOIA Friday UFOs
Greetings fellow UFO enthusiasts! It’s time for another thrilling, gripping, dare I say spine-tingling episode of FOIA Friday! Ok, well, I’m a bit over dramatic. Nevertheless, this one ...
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Joe Rogan and Sir Roger Penrose Discuss Possibility of Alien Life

Joe Rogan & Roger Penrose Alien Life
Aliens & EBE Contact UFOs & Science
Joe Rogan and Sir Roger Penrose discuss the possibility of alien life in the past, present, and/or future. Check out the entire episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast ...
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China Lands on Dark Side of Moon – Redditor Finds Amazing Alien Evidence in Image

Moon Surface Anomalies
Moon UFOs & Science
Astute Redditor u/fried_eggs_and_ham performed some serious analysis of an image taken by China’s moon lander, which was the first lander to ever land on the dark side of ...
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FOIA Friday: Dr. Leon Davidson and the Problem of the Space Message (1958)

Top Secret File Folder
FOIA Friday
Greetings UFOMGers! It’s time for another spine tingling installment of FOIA Friday! In today’s episode we have a short memo regarding Dr. Leon Davidson, who is somewhat well-known ...
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UFO Reported off Coast of Ireland by THREE Airline Crews

UFO News and Sightings
UFO & Alien Disclosure News Uncategorized
Faith and begorrah! Three airline crews have reported seeing a UFO in the skies off the coast of Ireland on November 9, 2018. The UFO was first spotted ...
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FOIA Friday: Reported Photography of Unidentified Flying Objects

Top Secret File Folder
FOIA Friday UFO & Alien Disclosure News
Greetings folks! Welcome to another thrilling installment of FOIA Friday. Today we have an interesting 1958 memo which reports of a civilian who had been “experimenting with films ...
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