Amazing Footage of UFO / UAP In UTAH Near Area 51

Amazing Footage of UFO / UAP In UTAH Near Area 51

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Updated: 1/13/2019


This video was captured by Sam Chortek and Jimmy Chappie and first published to YouTube by Brian Hanley. The amazing video shows a silver blur streak across the field of view, so fast it’s impossible to determine what it is. However, after slowing the footage down and zooming in, a “something” can pretty clearly be seen coming from the distance. It appears into view banking into a turn, the craft’s body tilted at an angle. As the craft straightens course it rights itself then shoots off at incredible speed. Check it out here with more info below:

In an unprecedented move for most publishers of alleged UFO footage, the original RAW footage has been released to the public for open scrutiny and analysis. We are downloading for our own analysis at this moment. If you’d like to download it yourself you may do so here from this link provided by Brain Hanley:

In the event that link expires we will make the raw footage available via the UFOMG website.

UPDATE 1/13/2018

Reddit user  u/MrWriteLA has created an enhanced and annotated video of the craft here (you may have to view on the Vimeo site):

UTAH UFO RAW ENHANCED from MrWriteLA on Vimeo.

Reddit user u/Trelab put together this flightpath map:

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