Grenfell effigy joke wasn’t funny — but making it a crime for the thought police sets a dangerous precedent

Grenfell effigy joke wasn’t funny — but making it a crime for the thought police sets a dangerous precedent

UFO Alien Abduction

SO, the six Grenfell Tower skanks have been released from custody by the Metropolitan Police.


These are the South Londoners who thought burning a cardboard effigy of Grenfell Tower in their back garden was a hoot. The tower even had screaming victims drawn in the windows.

Screengrab from a video posted on social media of a model of Grenfell Tower being burned over a fire
AP:Associated Press

Most ­normal people would think this a foul thing to do and not remotely funny. But what happened next wasn’t funny, either.

The coppers got themselves involved, clearly untaxed by the low level of crime in the city, especially knife crime.

They arrested the six men. And here’s the point — an important point and a rather scary point. They arrested them without knowing what crime had been committed.

In other words, for effectively no reason. They arrested them THEN tried to think what they could charge them with. That is a very dangerous precedent indeed and, to my mind, a perversion of the law.

72 people died in the huge blaze that engulfed Grenfell Tower on June 14, 2017

So serious a perversion that I think it demands the resignation of Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police chief. Because clearly the arrests were ­sanctioned at the highest level and the decision was taken for political reasons.

The Met — and Dick — are never ­happier than when grandstanding for ­reasons of political correctness. This time they have taken it way too far.

They didn’t only arrest these horrible blokes (who handed themselves in). They rooted through their dustbins to see if they could find anything incriminating.

With the hope of charging them on some other matter. Maybe putting the wrong things in the recycling bin.

Police rooting through the bins of two of the men behind the Bonfire Night joke – hoping to find something to charge them with, writes Rod Liddle
SWNS:South West News Service

It’s outrageous behaviour from the police.

People make effigies largely to offend and have a spiteful laugh at people they don’t like.

The police take no notice ­whatsoever when Israeli flags are burned in London by leftie demonstrators, or poppies burned by radical Muslims.

They don’t arrest the organisers of the Lewes bonfire night celebrations when they’re burning effigies of Boris Johnson and our Prime Minister, despite the considerable offence this causes those who disagree with their views.

Bobbi Connell, 19, and dad Clifford Smith, 49, handed themselves in after the Grenfell effigy video emerged online

Paul Bussetti, 46, is one of the men thought to have turned themselves in[/caption]

Mark Russell, 49, also appeared in the twisted video

Nobody was arrested when an obscene, giant blimp of Donald Trump was set loose in London on the occasion of the President’s visit.

That nasty little prank had the backing of the hopeless Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. He, of course, was one of the first to denounce the people who pulled the vicious Grenfell prank.
Because vile though it was, it was only a prank. Not a victimless crime, not a crime at all.

Having your sensibilities offended is not a matter for the police, whether you are on the Left or on the Right.

Party host Clifford Smith was described as ‘not the sharpest tool in the box’ by a neighbour[/caption]

What the rest of us do is simply despise whoever was responsible and move on with our lives.

And remember that one man’s prank is another man’s outrage.

The police are all too happy, these days, to indulge in this kind of grandstanding.

To come down heavily on verbal or written hate crimes — when the victim, if they are a victim at all, is simply left a bit miffed for a while.

With the Grenfell arrests, though, they have stepped way over the line.

The only crime the six men committed was a thought-crime.

I didn’t think thought-crimes were on the statute book.

Vote with Tay? No way

THE American slebs were out in force for the US midterm elections. Demanding everybody vote against ­Donald Trump.

Beyonce, for example, urged ­everyone in Texas to vote for the Democrat candidate. She wanted to see Republican Ted Cruz unseated. Ted Cruz won.

The godawful Taylor Swift backed the Dems in Tennesse with a semi-literate essay on social media – and their candidate lost
Getty - Contributor

The godawful Taylor Swift ­concentrated on Tennessee. She wrote a long, semi-literate essay on social media in support of the ­Democrat candidate. The Democrat ­candidate lost, the Republican won.

Rihanna shoved in her own two pennysworth, against Trump. So did the utterly pointless Kim Kardashian.

For months before the vote, actors and pop singers were howling at the moon. Screaming for people to get out and vote. To get rid of the ­horrible Trumpster. They expected a “blue wave”. A tsunami of fury against the man they hate.

They thought their beloved ­Democrats would carry all before them. And what happened? Donald Trump secured an astonishing triumph. He became only the third president in 100 years to GAIN seats in the important Senate – while losing control of the less vital House of Representatives, but that won’t bother him too much.

Donald Trump became only the third president in 100 years to GAIN seats in the important Senate – while losing control of the less vital House of Representatives in this year’s midterm elections

The message to these whining slebs is very ­simple: We don’t give a monkey’s what you think about ­politics. We’ll buy your records, maybe, and still watch your films. But when you open your mouths about politics, we’ll do the ­precise ­opposite to what you suggest.

The same is true over here. We might enjoy Emma Thompson’s ­acting and Steve Coogan (when he’s being funny, which I think was about seven years ago).

But we either take no notice of their political opinions. Or do the opposite of what they ­suggest.

Just like the American voters, we know the slebs are the pig-ignorant rump of a very affluent liberal elite.

They live inside an echo chamber. They think they know better than us. But when it comes to understanding the lives of ordinary working-class people, they know less than Jack s**t, as the Yanks would put it.

The sooner the lefties understand this, the sooner the Left might win an election. Somewhere, anywhere.

The conversion of Sinead

A QUICK update on the eminently sensible and well-balanced former singer Sinead O’Connor.

Sinead has converted to Islam. Presumably on account of the religion’s great respect for women and, indeed, pop music.

Sinead O’Connor has converted to Islam – presumably on account of the religion’s great respect for women and, indeed, pop music
Twitter / @MagdaDavitt77

Anyway, she’s now apparently decided that she will no longer speak to white people. This is because they are “disgusting”.

This will come as an enormous blow to white people everywhere, who wanted nothing more than an amiable conversation with her.

It’s the black people I feel sorry for. What have they done to deserve her exclusive attention?

Pol lot of trouble

BORING EU bigwig Donald Tusk is terrified that Poland might be the next country to leave the European Union.

The President of the European Council thinks there is a very great danger of this ­happening. Oooh, I hope so.

Boring EU bigwig Donald Tusk is terrified that his country, Poland, might be the next country to leave the block
AP:Associated Press

It would be excellent to see Tusk poleaxed by his own country. Right now, the only thing keeping countries like Poland – and Hungary and Slovakia – in the EU is the dosh they get from it.

Just like us, they’re sick of the bullying and dictatorial attitude of people like Tusk.

So silly to name willies

ONE of those sex experts has been offering advice on what can go wrong in the ­bedroom.

By which I don’t mean mould growing by the ­window.

Things which can put off a lover include bad breath, body odour and unwashed genitals.

Really? I’ve been ­getting my technique totally wrong, then.

Also, referring to your private parts by silly names, such as calling your penis Georgie-Porgie.

As in: “Come on, love, make room for Georgie-Porgie.”

I have always referred to my old fella as “Bobby-Joe”, from the old song Viva Bobby Joe.

The weirdest name for a willy I heard was when I was 12 years old, in my native Teesside.

A classmate referred to it as his “wheel”.

Is there anything less like a wheel than a penis?

Sausages and bacon

HOW would you like to pay almost double the price for your sausages and bacon?

This is the latest plan to force you to eat things you don’t want to eat.

You could be paying double for your sausages in experts’ latest plan to force you to eat things you don’t want
Getty - Contributor

Researchers at Oxford University reckon a 79 per cent tax on processed meats would improve the health of the nation.

Yeah right – let them eat Quorn cutlets!

What would improve my health, speaking personally, is for Oxford University to put a sock in it.

Taxes on food hurt the poorest of us.

It’s another case of middle-class bullying.

UFO off sharpish

REMEMBER that long, thin space rock spotted by astronomers floating past the Earth a while back?

It was given the name ‘Oumuamua, for reasons nobody understands.

Artist’s impression of ‘Oumuamua, which has been identified as the first confirmed interstellar asteroid and may have travelled from a binary star system
PA:Press Association

Anyway, boffins are now convinced it must have been an alien space probe. Sent here to find what we’re all up to.

Hmmm. Shot off pretty sharpish, didn’t it?

You can imagine the message home: “Zorg here, from Earth Probe – hope you are receiving.

“Stay away from this dump. It’s full of deranged tossers.

“I’d rather spend a light year on Pluto than another five minutes watching these maniacs.

“They’ll have blown themselves up by the time you get this message. And a good thing too.”