Triangle UFO (TR-3B) Spotted over Virigina

Triangle UFO (TR-3B) Spotted over Virigina

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Is Charlottesville, VA in the midst of a triangle UFO flap?


The video below from a July 24th sighting reported to MUFON shows a triangle UFO – possibly a TR-3B black budget project – flying above Charlottesville, Virginia. The full report into MUFON states…

UFO Triangle seen by myself and my mother around 8:55pm July 24th Sunday 2016, over 29 North near Kroger and K-mart in Charlottesville Va. a Digital Video was taken by me. UFO First Stationary then moved to a N.E. straight-line path and was gone.

Several days later, Reddit user u/OrdyHartet posted this about seeing a triangle UFO in Charlottesville, Virigina:

I was leaving the movies with my friend just a half an hour or so ago. We saw a late movie, at 10:20 so we didn’t get out til about 1 am. I was driving my parents car, an old 90’s mustang convertible and it had just stopped raining so I decided to drive home with the top down. It was on my way back that I looked up (I’m always scanning the skies) and spotted an odd string of lights in the sky. Now it was difficult to tell its distance, made harder by the fact that I was moving, but it appeared to be stationary in the sky. I wear glasses and was wearing them, my vision was not obscured, and there were still some clouds in the sky, which this object was below. As I continued to drive and appeared to pass the object, it being above and to my right, I could just make out a very faint outline around the lights, and this is what excited me most. I very distinctly saw a triangle shape lightly illuminated by a translucent glare, almost like it was being lit up on the edges by the reflection of the lights from the car dealership it seemed to be a couple hundred feet over. As I passed it further it became less and less safe to keep craning my neck back to see it so I made a U-turn at the light in the hopes of following it. I lost it for a second but then re-established visual contact. It seemed to be headed between 2 curtains of clouds and at that point I noted another line of lights maintaining an exact distance from the object as if in partial formation, at that point I watched as the first object, then the second, disappeared behind cloud cover.

Triangle shaped craft

Here is a drawing I made of exactly what I saw of the first object. I have no mistake in my mind that it was not a commercial airplane of any kind. Also it made no noise of any kind, and many flights at local airports were canceled because of the violent storms, which made seeing these two objects that much stranger.

Interestingly my friend also spotted the object, but refused to comment on what he thought it might be other than that it was strange. He seemed eager to move on, but has explicitly said he thinks its probable that intelligent life exists in our universe beyond ourselves. Just wanted to share with a community that might share some insight or similar sightings. I don’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen an object resembling this at night.

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