FOIA Friday: Project “Y”

FOIA Friday: Project “Y”

Top Secret File Folder

It’s a special Saturday edition of FOIA Friday because I totally forgot about FOIA Friday on FOIA Friday!

Here we have a document regarding a “Reported Sighting of Unconventional Aircraft” from 1955. The document opens by stating “the objects reportedly sighted by [REDACTED] are described to be similar to Project “Y” which is in the research stage…”

What is Project “Y”? Well, they describe Project “Y” as a circular wing with 30 foot span capable of mach 3, climbing at 120,000 feet per minute with a max ceiling of 102,000 feet and a range of 700 nautical miles…! Well if that doesn’t sound like a flying saucer I don’t know what does! The document also goes on to say the idea for the machine came from a group of Germans after WWII. Interested read, no doubt.

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