Sorry Folks but that El Paso Cube UFO is a Total Hoax

Sorry Folks but that El Paso Cube UFO is a Total Hoax

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This video by notorious hoax purveyors Secure Team has been making the rounds the past few days:

While those images look great, it’s pretty obviously a hoax. They claim the images were sent directly to them and what do they do? Do they offer up the images for download so that they can be analyzed and scrutinized by the Ufology community? Oh no, they decide to cram them all into a cute video montage with some creepy music and an adolescent narration to make a few bucks from YouTube ads.

Until the actual images compiled for the video are made available I’m considering this cube to just be a big ol’ box of crap.

There were also no reports made to MUFON or NUFORC regarding this supposed event in El Paso, Texas.

A few other points that make me think this is a hoax are:

He mentions the cube appears to be coming out of the “portal” at a high rate of speed, yet there is no motion blur to indicate this is the case. Apparently the photographer had no intention of taking a picture of the craft initially because he didn’t see it, but was simply trying to get a picture of some “anomalous clouds”, however, those clouds look pretty average to me. Lastly, he mentions that the second witness described the cube’s sound as being like that of a “magnetic oscillation” and I find it a little hard to believe that the average person would describe a sound like that rather than by saying something like “pulsating hum”. Not that it’s not possible, and I’m sure any number of us fellow UFO nuts and techno geeks might use such terms, but without knowing more about this woman I’m dubious these were the words she used. This assumes she actually exists, of course, which she most likely does not.

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