UFO Sighting in Cape Coral, Florida on July 4th 2015 – Fourth of July Hovering Light (Cape Coral, FL)

UFO Sighting in Cape Coral, Florida on July 4th 2015 – Fourth of July Hovering Light (Cape Coral, FL)

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It was the Fourth of July and the city i live in, Cape Coral, was doing it's annual firework show. My dad took me to the area where they were launching the fireworks. It was about 10:00 PM EST when me and my father noticed a lone light in the sky, at first we though nothing of it but then it started to pulsate a little, this caught my attention and when i directed my dad towards the light. At first he didn't see it because of the fireworks but when there was an interval he saw and stated that's a little weird. It just hovered and stayed there while we tried to debunk what it could be. It was not an airplane for it was stationary and did not have triangular light pattern, it was a singular light. My dad pulled out his star map app on his phone and when he pointed it at the object the closest thing it could be was a star ( I can not remember the name but it is one of the brightest stars in the night), but it was far to the left. Then we though of helicopters (This of course was when the terrorist organization ISIS threatened America for an attack on July 4th and there were SWAT and helicopters in the sky). So as of now that is the most logical reasoning for a natural and man-made explanation. After about ten minutes the light then turned a white-red and then flew down or flew away (from my angle i could not tell) very fast. Then after that i never saw the object again. The only way i could describe it was mesmerizing and, in a way, glad to have encountered a UFO for the first time. My dad believes it is a helicopter, but as for me i do not think so. For one it was a singular green light that turned white-red, two it flew away at fast speeds that was faster than a descending or accelerating helicopter, three the helicopters had search lights on and this light did not have that at all and it was behind the fireworks, and finally it was stationary while the helicopters were patrolling the area. So in my own personal opinion, this was a UFO and not anything man-made, and while i may be approached with people saying you just imagined it or you were seeing and misinterpreting things but i know what i saw, and i will affirm to this opinion unless strongly proven otherwise.

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    Saw stationary red light in the western sky towards the gulf sat there for three to five minutes then moved eastward as it did it began to dim when directly overhead it was a yellow pin prick of light then it went out saw circular shiver object moving across sky then it disappeared

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