UFOMG! Uncovers Massive UFO Hoax!

UFOMG! Uncovers Massive UFO Hoax!

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Okay, well that’s not entirely true. But here’s an amusing tale that unfolded over the past weekend…


My buddy and co-founder of both the UFOMG! and HyperSloth websites, ZigZag, sent me this image from his iPhone where he is currently vacationing: “Dude I was on the balcony and saw this.” The image was this:


I did some quick enhancements in Photoshop to try and get more details from the image and was pretty shocked to find this disc with something in front of (or below) it:


I immediately sent him the enhanced image and asked if he’d seen whatever the thing was blocking part of the disc? I got no response until the following day. The response was, “Meant to send this last night.”


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