Even Professional Photographers Can’t Take Clear UFO Pictures

Even Professional Photographers Can’t Take Clear UFO Pictures

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One of the biggest gripes from believers and non-believers alike is that UFO pictures are by and large blurry, out of focus, and generally crappy looking. While they may be clear enough to discern that something is there that definitely is not swamp gas, they sure as heck aren’t clear enough to see a smiling alien in the window or make out his personalized license plate (it would probably say SPC4EVR or something like that).


The primary issue is that UFO photos are typically taken quickly by unskilled amateurs with tiny smartphone cameras. If only a professional photographer loaded down with high-dollar professional grade photography equipment would happen to see a UFO and take a clear shot! Well, it happens sometimes, and even those shots come out looking like a giant flying potato:

Image Copyright Richard Emblin via Mysterious Universe.


That blurry glob of phlegm up there was photographed by professional photographer Richard Emblin who’s been published in TIME, Der Spiegel, and The New York Times just to name a few.

To read more about how professional photographers can’t get good shots of UFOs check out this article over at Mysterious Universe:


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