Legendary UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman Has Died

Legendary UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman Has Died

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Ufologist Stanton T. FriedmanUfologist Stanton T. Friedman

The past few days were a roller coaster of speculation, doubt, and disbelief as the rumor of nuclear physicist and influential UFO researcher Stanton Friedman’s death surfaced without much in the way to back it up for a long while. Eventually, however, fellow well-known UFO researches began sending out their condolences and RIPs over social media confirming the loss. There’s not much more we can add here to espouse the great influence Friedman had in the field of Ufology that hasn’t already been said many times over, so we will refer our loyal readers to these news stories below about his passing. As one commenter put it at the end of the first article, “I hope Stan has all the answers now.” Farewell Stanton Friedman!






Image: UFO researcher Stanton Friedman (July 29, 1934-May 13, 2019) (Alex Milan Tracy/AP)

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