UFO Sighting in Seaside, Oregon on 2018-07-05 20:08:00 – A large redish brown almost ugly disc. big enough for 2 decks. it flew without heat, exhaust or lights. it opened a worm hole left. it took 8 minutes or 4 minutes if my photos show actual time loss

UFO Sighting in Seaside, Oregon on 2018-07-05 20:08:00 – A large redish brown almost ugly disc. big enough for 2 decks. it flew without heat, exhaust or lights. it opened a worm hole left. it took 8 minutes or 4 minutes if my photos show actual time loss

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2nd attempt to report, this is important.

Seaside oregon july 5 2018, just before sunset

I was at the holiday inn on the balcony taking pictures, it was a very photogenic day. I noticed the sun was getting low in the sky and started getting my camera ready for a sunset. As i looked through my camera i saw a strange cloud low in the sky. I had a mid-range zoom on the camera and zoomed in to look at the cloud. I couldn’t believe my eyes! In this cloud was a craft, clearly. I took 2 photos of it and my settings were not getting the picture, see photo 1187. Next to me on a table was my 300mm zoom. I made the decision to go for the swap. As i took the lens off, while keeping my eye on the cloud, the craft move out and away, up and right slightly. Its movement was direct and smooth, it quietly and gracefully moved faster as it went, as it was getting smaller, due to moving away, suddenly it appeared to loop straight back on itself, so for a moment i thought is was coming back and now had a very strange bright light on it. Then i realized it had opened a portal- worm hole and it was leaving. The size of the portal was not much bigger than the craft. This all took only seconds. I reached for the 300mm lens, snapped it on and started shooting. The first pics are of the ufo shaped cloud left by the craft and the worm hole. The worm hole only shows up as a small strange cloud, although it was black in reality and had bright elongated light beams coming back to the gate. It was just amazing and i was disappointed in the photos and accidentally deleted the second shot i took before changing lenses. However throughout the sequence of photos the small cloud remains and the distance from the bird shaped cloud remains consistent throughout the frames. Not a natural cloud.

Since then, i have poured over the photos and now realize, i really have something! I may be the first photograph it. Or there was maybe a hundred thousand other at seaside that day. Some of the photos are very high quality. Nikon dx 5300 camera. The ufo shaped cloud left by the craft dissipated in about 40 seconds and that is shown in the photo sequence. I continued to shoot until it was gone. On 11-14-18, i was looking at the time of the photos. The time is not correct but it shows the rate i was shooting. The photos numbered 1190, 1191 have a 4 minute 20 second gap. I am positive i never stopped taking pictures for more than 20 seconds or so. Then it occurred to me that the strange clouds that appeared next (photo 1191) are part of the black hole and are measurable ( the distance stays the same from the gate to the clouds), consistent ( there seems to be and energy making a twist) that stays and then go away at the closing of the gate.

  1. I have photos of a worm hole, from a known fixed position with possible measurable data, which could locate the position of the gate. The photos also show an effect from the gate starting with photo 1191, that affect seems to cause me too loose over 4 minutes. The distance between the gate and weird cloud remains exactly the same distance until it closes. It is my opinion that the ship was waiting for the gate. Otherwise why would they risk this exposure?
  2. What i witnessed in the gate is fairly interesting. The light was like no other light i have seen, it is hard to describe. But it was long and spiky, like a photo of star light but the spikes were bending and coming back to the gate. Very bright and long spikes! Photo 1188, when zoomed in shows the spikes. The gate seemed straight at first and then after a while it curved left and the craft went left in the tube. How i could see all of this is mysterious in itself. How my camera didn’t get what i was seeing is disappointing.
  3. The size of the craft was large, i am only guessing at 300 ft. In diameter. Shiny and glistened in the sun. But of a dark color, not bright and shiny like aluminum. Deep enough for at least 2 decks. Ironically no good photos of the craft. Had i captured all of what i saw, this would have been one of the biggest ufo events in history.
  4. I have forensically looked through all photos taken before the event. All those being to the left of the place where i spotted the craft. There are 2 possible ufo’s in photos 1138 and 1144 and i have a sequence of 5 photos showing 2 clouds dropping out of a larger cloud and moving right in the pictures, photos 1147 through 1154 on the right side above the tree and left. Those might be clouds but they are going the right way and the craft was in a cloud so i included them.
  5. There must have been a lot of people with cameras that day and many of those people may not know they have photos of this event.
  6. Below is the basic shape, it was ugly enough to make me wonder if it was one of ours.
    Picture 1136 shows three black flying objects, on the far left above the mountain.

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