FOIA Friday: Latvian Details of UFO Characteristics (1967)

FOIA Friday: Latvian Details of UFO Characteristics (1967)

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Heads up gang! It’s time for another riveting episode of FOIA Friday! Today’s doc is from 1967 details a remarkable UFO situation in Latvia. It reveals that R. Vitolniyek, the director of the Station for the Radio Observation of the Ionosphere and Artificial Earth Satellites, says that there are “more and more reports” of luminescent objects in the form of balloons and convex discs being observed in the sky. It goes on to say that while some had been explained, many could not be. Some of the UFO characteristics described are:


1) An ideal circle tens of kilometers high not comparable to any known object.
2) Multiple appearance of “flying saucers” over the USSR territory.
3) Certain UFOs may be capable of absorbing electromagnetic waves.
4) And more!

The report closes by stating that the Radioastrophysical Laboratory of the Latvian Academy of Sciences had requested that all persons witnessing a UFO should report their observation to them.

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