Black Triangle Sighting in Laguna Hills, California on April 29th 2016 – Black Triangle

Black Triangle Sighting in Laguna Hills, California on April 29th 2016 – Black Triangle

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After taking our family dog on a short walk with my daughter, we returned to our house. I went inside to unleash the dog. I grabbed some binoculars that were sitting near a table stand and went back outside. I was standing in our backyard facing north looking up at the night sky/stars with the binocs. I then noticed a black triangular object moving very rapidly from the south east to the north west. I couldn't believe it. I had to move the binocs to keep pace with the craft. It was moving very fast. Each point on the triangle was dimly light with a very low whitish light. The triangle was solid black. I put down the binocs for approximately 1-2 seconds hoping I could see the craft with the naked eye. I could not see it at all. I then placed the binocs back up to my eyes and started frantically searching in back and forth to re-locate the object. I was able to locate the object again and watched it for a few more seconds. I was thinking is this a duck, a bird, or something but I don't know what animal is in the shape of triangle with very low level white lights at each point. I was torn between wanting to call my wife to report my observation as it was happening (but my cell phone was in the house) or continue to observe the triangle. I gave in and called my wife. This event occurred this evening at approximately 9:30pm PST. I am basing the time of the event on my call log to my wife. My phone record shows I called her at 9:34pm PST. It took me a minute or two after witnessing the event to call her. I was/am in a state of complete shock. The binocs I used is the Bushnell Falcon 7x35mm model. I am attaching a MS Paint drawing I made to show the detail of the object. The grey/white lights are not a close match to the color I observed but that is the closest I can get with the colors available in MS Paint.

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  1. Samuel Juneau (Yuneau)

    I think I saw the same triangular ship arround 10 pm but up north in Pont-Rouge a small town in Quebec city, Canada. It was moving from South-West to North-East. Only had somthing like 4 seconds to watch it but it was enough to notice his 6 large blue/teal lights located underneath the ship and the fact that it didn’t produced any noize.

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