SIRIUS Documentary Now Available for FREE Streaming!

SIRIUS Documentary Now Available for FREE Streaming!

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SIRIUS, a feature length documentary by Dr. Steven Greer produced in 2013 attempts to (among other things) get to the bottom of what the Atacama Humanoid is. Like opinions of Dr. Greer, himself, opinions of the movie appear to be somewhat polarized in the UFO community. Depending on who you ask, it is either incredibly great and important or a total waste of time. Click here to watch on YouTube or watch it below:


UPDATE: While this documentary does have some compelling moments and striking information, this recent Reddit comment from user fried_eggs_and_ham sums up my thoughts about it pretty well..mostly because that Reddit user is me:

I just watched this for the first time today, having stayed away from it based on others’ criticisms of it and Dr. Greer, himself, and I have to say that those criticisms appear to have been valid. Whether intentional or not, large chunks of this doc are pretty obviously just ego-stroking and CE-5 sales pitching.

Also, just as a general observation, if you’re going to try and get the average citizen behind you in a grassroots campaign to force disclosure you’re probably best served sticking to the expert testimony / documentation / overruling energy cartels / etc. than telepathic communication with ET beings and crafts through mediation, camping, good vibes, what have you. I think a lot of people who started watching this with some genuine interest and curiosity bailed once that CE-5 stuff started in.

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