UFODATA Launches Scientific Study of UFO / UAP Data

UFODATA Launches Scientific Study of UFO / UAP Data

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The launch of an exciting new endeavor in the study of UFOs was announced recently. The project, called  UFO Detection and TrAcking, or UFODATA for short, aims “to create a systematic science of UFO phenomena.” Well, it’s about damn time. There is no lack of UFO data in existence, both mind blowingly legitimate and absurdly crackpot or downright phony (the latter claiming the majority of market share these days.) Various repositories such as MUFON and NUFORC are overflowing with such reports, but there’s never really been any sort of unified, scientific study of the data in recent history. Not to mention, a unified, scientific attempt to collect new data, which has always posed a problem given the random, unpredictable nature of UFO sightings.

The project, conceived and led by Mark Rodeghier, scientific director of the Center for UFO Studies, and Alexander Wendt, a political scientist at Ohio State University, plans to deploy automatic surveillance stations that would monitor the skies 24/7 looking for UFOs. Once a UFO is detected it will kick into gear, collecting as much physical data as possible. While smaller such surveillance setups have been built, the UFODATA project would encompass an entire network of stations.

The team roster working on the project boasts a wide array of highly qualified scientists and engineers and several “silent partners” who are “scientists, engineers, technology professionals, and interested researchers who are prepared to lend a hand, but because of the cultural stigma attached to UFOs – or because of a personal preference for anonymity – have chosen to keep their involvement private.”

To learn more, visit the UFODATA website.

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