Leaked 2013 Homeland Security UFO Video

Leaked 2013 Homeland Security UFO Video

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Sorry for no updates in a while. I’ve been vacationing in the beautiful country of Nicaragua and my time has been largely co-opted by beer, food, scenery, and beer. I’m back now and find that this is happening…leaked video footage of a UFO captured by the Department of Homeland Security. Not sure why this leaked video is just now making headlines in 2015, but I suspect it has something to do with it being covered by the folks over at OpenMinds.tv and posted to Reddit.


The video shows a UFO tracked by the Department of Homeland Security in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in 2013. The video was submitted to SCU (Scientific Coalition for Ufology) for analysis. You can view the video below. Below you can read the SCU analysis. Below that (and embedded in the previous paragraph) is a link to the OpenMinds.tv coverage of it.

SCU Analysis Document:

Click RIGHT HERE for the OpenMinds.tv coverage.

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