Recommends the Best Telescopes for Beginners Recommends the Best Telescopes for Beginners

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Telescope and Moon

Heads up aspiring star gazers and UFO hunters! If you’ve been wanting to invest in a telescope but have no idea where to start (Step 1: look up “telescope” in the dictionary) then the folks at are here to help you out. They’ve put together a list of the best telescopes for beginners. Call me crazy, but I think it’s safe to assume that the people over at SPACE EFFING DOT COM know what they’re talking about, so check this article out before you buy:

Not only does the article recommend which telescopes to buy but it breaks down the different types of telescopes and various aspects of their functionality as well. It’s informational and educational! Inforcational?

And don’t forget to let your friendly neighborhood UFOMG! website know about any anomalous activity you spy in the sky!

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